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In The City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie

Official Soundtrack

1. Distant Dreamer (Instrumental)

2. Black Market

3. Red Smoke

4. Spice Trade

5. Desert Flutes

6. Tears of the Naiad

7. Dancing Flames

8. Where the Chips Can Fall

9. Hot Air

10. Yellow Rain

11. Sinister Sapphires

12. Rendezvous in the Dark

13. Ancient Forest

14. Bright Hope

15. Closer to the Fall

16. Specks in the Sandstorm

17. Distant Dreamer (Vocals)

Total Runtime 32:57

Preview of "Rendezvous in the Dark"

Music by Ponyo & Dr.Agon Field

Copyright Studio Lupiesoft all rights reserved.

Not for resale or reuse.

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The Menagerie is a mature visual novel made by Studio Lupiesoft set in a desert city of Alabast, beneath the surface lies a secret place of underground chambers called "The Menagerie", here nobles of Alabast engage in their strange obsesses, unshackled by the pomp and circumstance of the surface world.


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